ADDITIONAL COACHING SERVICES – $75 (Per Hour not including travel time if applicable) ​

  • Aerodynamic field testing
  • Power or physiological testing
  • One on one coaching rides
  • Non client skills and race strategy clinics

To sign up contact Phil at: or 978-290-2210.


Phil specializes in coaching beginner to pro level cyclists in road, mountain bike, cyclocross and hill climb disciplines. Phil is also available for power testing, individual clinics, group clinics and aerodynamic field testing.

​Recent coaching related success are as follows:

Riverside Racing – Coaching a lot of the team since it's inaugural year has been a dream. It's been a huge honor to work with this group and watch them win weekend after weekend in every format of racing.

Matt O’Keefe – Long time professional mt. biker, Matt was no stranger to the international scene. Since settling into family life he requires a schedule a little less time consuming. Bringing Matt to a level where he still wins on the New Engalnd pro mt. bike scene is a challenge in time management but totally possible.

Andy Scott – After a two full seasons of structured training Andy has dominated Endurance Mountain Bike and Gravel Racing both regionally and nationally. He has countless wins and podiums from the last two season's. During his off-season he also manages to consistently rack up podiums and wins on the highly contested New England Cyclo-Cross scene in the elite category.

To sign up contact Phil at: or 978-290-2210

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Level 3

Cost per month          $225                                            $175                                    $140                            
Schedule format                         

Individualized weekly schedule, 

revised as needed                       

Individualized weekly schedule,  

revised one additional time if needed 

Individualized bi-weekly schedule,

no revisions and lighter in structure   


Unlimited email contact and 

weekly scheduled phone 


Unlimited email contact and 

bimonthly scheduled

phone conversations

Weekly email response
Workout data analysis        Unlimited review as files are sent Review for key workoutsOnce per week key workout review
Group rides1 per monthN/AN/A
One on one power testing$25 discount $25 discountBilled hourly

Race day pacing and tactical



Race schedule and season 



Complimentary for race day and 

advised as needed

Complimentary for race dayComplimentary for race day
Bike fit$40 discount$25 discount$15 discount
Core and strength routineComplimentaryComplimentaryComplimentary

Initial consultation/start up fee

and contract

Technical gear planningComplimentaryComplimentaryN/A